Sunday, January 25, 2009


9 months, 4 days, 100 posts. That's a personal milestone, averaging 11 posts a month. Not bad for someone who used to maintain two other blogs and only managed 4-5 posts for each

This blog is stating put (for good) and since the last quarter of last year I started planning my 100th post. I thought of listing 100 things to do in my lifetime, same as raft3r's, but discarded the idea when I could not stretch the list to a hundred. I then contemplated blogging about:

a. my 100 favorite movies. I have more than 100 but could not make up my
mind which movie to scrap from the list. I ditched the idea.
b. 100 best blog posts of others. I have a few favorite posts but it was
too daunting a task rereading every post each blogger from my blog roll
had posted. Maybe next time.
c. my 10 best blog posts. I didn't even come close to making the list. I'm
not a big fan of my writing.

Discarding all three and leaving me with no choice, I reverted to my plagiarized idea. I classified the items into different categories to make it easier to reach 100. And by the way, some of these are fillers.

1. skinny dip
2. sky dive
3. go whitewater rafting
4. bungee jump
5. get involved in a bloody fist fight
6. backpack around the philippines
7. attend boot camp

8. own a dog

9. read nick hornby's books
10. read haruki murakami's books
11. read khalil gibran's the prophet
12. read james ellroy's la confidential
13. own hardbound copies of all Harry Potter books (i have softbound copies of books 1, 2, and 4).
14. read stephen hawking's brief history of time
15. read ian mcewan's books
16. read kazuo ishiguro's books
17. finish reading my backlog of books (a total of 16 and counting)

18. be a top-notch business analyst
19. be successful in my career and smugly turn down my former bosses who want to pirate me

20. help build a "Habitat for Humanity" shelter

21. get a master's degree
22. get a mensa membership

23. pay off all of my parents' debts
24. watch a sharon cuneta concert with mama
25. watch an nba game with papa
26. watch the world cup match with my bro
27. have my own family

28. nikon d90
29. macbook pro
30. nintendo wii
31. nokia e71

32. gain 10 more pounds
33. achieve 6-pack abs
34. run the treadmill at >= 9kh for at least 30 minutes without resting
35. wear contacts
36. discover a cure for cancer and diabetes
37. get a monthly massage

38. save a million pesos
39. set-up my own business

40. watch the decalogue
41. watch the best of youth
42. watch lav diaz's films
43 watch kung mangarap ka't magising
44. watch it happened one night
45. watch akira kurosawa's films
46. watch gerardo de leon's films

47. new york city
48. paris
49. mt. pinatubo
50. mayon volcano
51. batanes
52. antulang
53. palawan
54. bantayan island
55. caramoan
56. grand canyon
57. phuket
58. camiguin
59. pagudpud
60. banaue rice terraces/sagada
61. great barrier reef

62. martina hingis
63. marat safin
64. arundhati roy
65. conrado de quiros
66. my great love

67. own a beachfront property
68. own a resthouse in tagaytay
69. build a house with my own library and entertainment room with kickass sound system

70. watch a live show
71. interview a sex addict
72. get on the mile high club
73. go on a blind date
74. speed date

75. learn a foreign language
76. learn chess
77. learn tennis
78. learn to cook
79. learn to drive a car
80. learn to play the guitar
81. learn to swim
82. personally design my blog template

83. win a badminton tournament
84. win a bowling tournament
85. score a perfect 300 in bowling
86. attend a tennis grand slam tournament

87. be fearless
88. be friendly
89. be cool

90. join Survivor
91. join The Amazing Race
92. watch all seasons of The West Wing
93. watch all seasons of The X-Files
94. watch all seasons of The Wire
95. watch all seasons of OZ
96. watch all seasons of Battlestar Galactica

97. write a book
98. write a screenplay
99. get published in PDI's Youngblood
100. win a Palanca


Andy Briones said...

5. get involved in a bloody fist fight
-> I think there's one here in Metro Manila a la Fight Club: guys get together and beat each other to a pulp. Rogue magazine was one of the sponsors of last year's event.

16. read kazuo ishiguro's books
-> I've been wanting to buy Never Let Me Go since last year, but budget constraints prevent me from doing so. Ehehe.

35. wear contacts
-> I tried this before. It bloody hurt and I got a head-pounding migraine after wearing contacts. I never tried it again.

42. watch lav diaz's films
-> Watched Melancholia yesterday. I walked out of the cinema on the 4th hour. I find it pretentious and indulgent.

63. marat safin
-> He's the best!

99. get published in PDI's Youngblood
-> I submitted an essay last year. It was only after I e-mailed them my essay that I realized that I'm too old for Youngblood. I'm 32. Now that's embarrassing. Ehehe.

the donG said...

congratulations to your 100th post! hahaha... hirap nga icompile yung 100 kaya ayos tong ginawa mo.

gustong gusto ko ang 28-31. hehehe...

at ang 49 medyo yan yata pinakamahirap i-achieve this year. hehehe....

The Scud said...

andy > ang haba ng comment mo! thanks.

(5) meron pala nyan. ayos. gusto ko yung kantong bakbakan. i actually had a first-hand experience but it was more of a one-sided, one-jab fight. hehe.

(16) antay ka ng sale. it's a great read.

(35) mas magastos din ang contacts. i want to wear one when i go out on dates. haha.

(42) ganun. magkaiba tayo ng opinyon. :-)

(63) sadly safin is a goner at the aussie open.

(99) haha. pwede ba dayain ang edad?

The Scud said...

dong > thanks! if i have those 4 gadgets i can finally start seriously saving. hehe.

mahirap nga ang 49! lol.

Panaderos said...

I wish you all the best with CAREER, EDUCATION, FAMILY and HEALTH.

#44 - I'm assuming that you want to see this because you're a Frank Capra fan more than being a fan of Clark Gable?

#45 - I love Kurosawa because of his storytelling and filming techniques. Seven Samura, Rashomon, Rain and Yojimbo are my personal favorites. You ought to try Hitchcock movies too if you haven't done so already.

#46 - I'd love to see more of Gerry De Leon's movies. I hope that a number of them have been preserved.

#47 - Let me know when you're in town. I could show you around and treat you to a few rounds of drinks.

#71 - You can interview me. Hahahaha

Best of luck with all the others. :-)

The Scud said...

panaderos > thanks!

(44) - saw this movie on cable in my teens. i enjoyed it until we lost power. have been looking for a copy since.

(45) - i have seven samurai and rashomon pero di ko pa napapanood. saw hitchcock's psycho, north by northwest, and a part of birds. ayos mga movies na yun.

(46) - id like to see his noli and fili adaptations. what films of his have you seen?

(47) tatandaan ko yan!

(71) lol!

Panaderos said...

I'm showing my age here hehehe but back in the 1970s, both GMA-7 and RPN-9 used to show reruns of old Filipino movies every weekday afternoon. I was in elementary school then and after I was done with my homework, I'd go and watch some of those old movies.

I didn't get to see De Leon's Noli and Fili adaptations. However, I got to see Sawa sa Lumang Simboryo (1952) and Lilet (1971). Well done movies both of them.

I have a dvd of one obscure work that he did for Hollywood called Terror is a Man (1959). It's a B-movie that was made for the American market. I bought it about 3 or 4 years ago. Filmed in black and white, it was a pretty good horror movie even if it was filmed on a rather low budget.

gillboard said...

Was planning on doing this for my bday post, but will ditch it since you already made one for yours.. hehe...

nice lil to do list for yourself though. I LOVE Nick Hornby books, I can relate to alot of his characters.

Skron said...

That's a hard "to do" list. The "achieve 6-pack abs" for example is very hard. Although "gain 10 pounds" is too easy for me.

Raft3r said...


pwede mo ako interbyuhin for the sex addict thing


Andy Briones said...

^^ Can I sit in during Raft3r's interview? We can use my lie-detector machine; that would be fan. Ehehe.

Raft3r said...

i love nick hornby

len said...

I also want to submit an article for PDI's Youngblood. Kulang pa sa confidence. hehe

Newbie here. You've got great posts.

The Scud said...

panaderos > buti ka pa! i saw bernal, brocka, and de leon movies during holy week sa abs-cbn many years ago. di na ata sila nagpapalabas ng mga classics. :-(

gillboard > pwede pa yan! hehe. dami nga nagagalingan kay nick hornby. i still to have to read one of his books.

skron > mahirap nga sya. pero i have a lifetime to do it. i'll give an update on my 200th post.

raft3r > thanks! dalawa na kayo nag-offer na magpa-interbyu ah. hehe.

andy > haha. anong klaseng lie detector yan?

raft3r > makahanap na nga ng nick hornby book!

len > maraming salamat! mag-submit ka na. there's no harm in trying. pasyal ka ulit dito ha. :-)