Thursday, April 30, 2009

How to Mend a Broken Heart

"You simply move on.

You do not blame yourself for what happened because it takes two to dance ... and two to make a misstep.

You do not throw away your self-esteem because things like this happen to everyone.

And you make very definite resolutions to LEARN from this experience without regret or accusation ...

Hoping to be wiser but not harder, Stronger but not bitter.


Because you are simply growing."

And here 's another one.

"What is done should be done and over with. The most important part of moving on is to end habits, stop expectations and put a valve to opportunities that may lead to further hurt."

And another.

"STOP GETTING HURT ... by finding out that there is someone, something or even a whole big world that is much better and waiting for you."


I did not write these. A friend did when I poured my heart out a couple of nights ago. The bits of advice helped a lot.

Another effective advice was this: When memories of her enter my head don't let them linger, let them pass through. Quickly.

That's why I'll finally start moving on. Today.

And NOT beat myself in the head thinking of the what ifs.

Everything happens for a reason.


gillboard said...

naku, kaibigan ko kelangan mabasa to.. hehehe.... saktong sakto sa kanya...

len said...

I read in a magazine that one way of forgetting about your ex is by putting a rubber band around your wrist.

Every time you think about your ex, you just have to strike the rubber band against your skin.

Andy Briones said...

Forgetting is hard, not to mention stressful. Acceptance siguro mas madali; easier to move on that way.

Wait, am I making sense?

Grabe yung advice ko, kabog si Dr. Phil (yung minion ni Oprah). Ehehe. :-)

atticus said...

nung mag-split kami ng first love ko (yes, dati human ako), kahit pakikipaglaro ng piko sa mga pinsan ko pinatulan ko.

it will pass. and amazingly, at this stage in your life nothing makes you stronger than this. believe me, i've been there.

but my advice is this: this is the time you focus on something you've long wanted to do but never found the time for. either learning a new skill or taking on a new sport or hobby. this will fuel your move to something more positive.

good luck and here's to a happier you, soon!

Sonia said...

grieving over a break-up is a lot like grieving over the loss of a loved on in death. One has to go through the stages of emotions before one can truly say he or she has accepted his or her situation. It's ok to wallow, C. it's only been a few days pa. it's normal to feel this hurt.

xoxo krisler xoxo said...

love+pain= life. its a cycle you need to go through. kaya mo yan.

Raft3r said...

don't beat yourself out
tama yan
no girl is ever worth that pain

happy sunday, scud