Monday, May 4, 2009

Memories of Running

I pride myself for having a pretty good memory. I can remember the most miniscule of details. It is, by the way, not such a good thing when I’m trying to move on from a bad break-up. But that's for another post which I won't blog about anytime soon. Maybe when the wounds have healed and the bitterness and the sadness are gone.

Now I digress which I often do when I write. Anyway, even if I can remember things better than the average person I have one thing that I always forget. Gym clothes.

Take for example on Saturday I left the house early to hit the treadmill before an afternoon of badminton matches. When I opened my bag at the gym my shorts wasn't in sight. I rummaged through the duffel bag but it wasn't there. Then I remembered. I placed it on my bed while packing the things needed for the day's activities and totally forgot to pack it.

I sat on the bench thinking how was I going to kill 4 hours before the badminton session. Thank goodness an officemate, who lives nearby, texted and asked if I was free to have brunch. Lucky me. Problem solved.

But that's not the only time I forgot to bring things. There were times when I arrived at the gym without bringing shorts. Or white socks. Or a towel. Or soap. Or shampoo. So far, I have not forgotten to bring my undergarments. Yet.

One time I and my officemates agreed to play badminton after work. At the court I was ready. I had my shorts, shirt and white socks on. Then I opened my shoe bag. Guess what? I saw black. Black shoes.

Then it dawned on me. The night before I went to the gym but didn't bother to change back to my leather shoes before heading home. I cursed myself.

An officemate said I could play using black shoes. I tried it on. We burst out laughing. I looked like a dork.

So they played. And I went home.


Sonia said...

The bulls wear black shoes and black socks in their games, C., puede na man ato. ;-)

Hang in there.Memory can be a good thing.

The Scud said...

Sonia > Imagine me playing badminton wearing black leather shoes and white socks. :p

gillboard said...

lesson learned: bawal ang pork... bawal ang beans...

the donG said...

hahaha... we're still 28 running 29. is that normal?

Andy Briones said...

Shorts, shirt, white socks, and black shoes? Ehehehe, cool yan. Naalala ko nung elementary kami; parang ganyan yata uniform namin. :p

len said...

memory lapses, it happens. ;p

atticus said...

wow. nice shoes. you would have stood out.

The Scud said...

gillboard > nyahaha.. mag-vegetarian na lang ako. :D

dong > haha. di ko alam. ang tanda na natin!

andy > kami din. baduy. hehe.

The Scud said...

len > parati nangyayari yan. haay.

atticus > oo nga. i don't crave attention kaya umuwi na lang ako. :D