Monday, January 5, 2009

The Class

December is always the best time to meet-up with friends since people, who work elsewhere, would be home for the holidays.

Last week, a day before my flight back to Manila, I had lunch with high school friends. Some of them I knew way back in kindergarten.

We met again for dinner, a few drinks, and talked till dawn.

What made this year more fun is that more people came, some of whom i haven't talked with since high school graduation.

There was always the reminiscing.

Of memories dating back to kindergarten when i fell into an empty swimming pool.

Of childhood crushes.

Of camping stories.

Of high school romances.

Of CAT experiences.

Of unforgettable teachers.

Haay. Those were the days.

And a couple of them adviced that I grab the job offer that I temporarily declined. hmmm. Should I?


atticus said...

nego for higher pay. the sked is lousy. for you to take it, it must be worth the life-changing sked. if the pay becomes attractive, then rethink. is it worth not being on the same sked as your friends? girlfriends? can your health take it?

Raft3r said...

the best talaga ang mga reunions
i have a post very similar to this
great minds think alike ba?

tapos na ba bakasyon ni scud?

The Scud said...

atticus > i think i'm going to decline the job. pero sana di na tumawag para di na kelangan i-decline. hehe.

raft3r > tapos na ang maliligayang buhay ni scud. hehe. got (and still am) sick. i may even have to start therapy for an injured foot. :-(

duke said...

higher pay! higher pay!

work hard while you're young. save and retire early.