Friday, December 12, 2008


I'm stoked! I sent out my resume to a financial services firm a week ago (not related to my previous post) and totally forgot about the whole thing because of work and other stuff. Early this week they called that they were interested. Four days and two phone interviews later I got the job. Woohoo! Now, I hope they give me the salary and benefits that's hard to turn down. How's that for ending the year with a bang?


I declined the offer. With the financial crisis and a 9pm-6am shift, the pay wasn't worth it. My teammates who knew I had a job offer were more disappointed than me when they learned how much the offer was. Haha. Now I do hope that job I previously blogged will call. That would be a great Christmas gift.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Andy Briones said...

9pm -6am? Hirap niyan, babaligtad mundo mo jan. On the upside, walang traffic going to work and it's not too hot either. Yun nga lang, buhay bampira ka, gising pag gabi, tulog pag umaga. Which reminds me of Twilight. Have you seen that abomination?

the donG said...

syempre kung saan ka masaya, doon ka pa rin. Astig ka scud.

Abou said...

akin na lang ang work na yun ha ha

biro lang

The Scud said...

andy > yan din naisip ko. kapagod ang night shift. re: twilight - haven't seen the movie. sa dvd na lang.

the dong > wala lang yun dong. hehe.

abou < saka na pag inayawan ko na for good. :-)

Raft3r said...

any recent developments?

The Gasoline Dude said...

Naintriga tuloy ako kung anong company 'yan. I used to work for one. Hindi nga malaki ang sweldo, pero naging masaya naman ako dun. Hehe. = P

The Scud said...

raft3r > yung sa last post ko wala ng balita. joke-joke lang ata yun. haay. yung latest offer naman pinag-iisipan ko pa if makikipag-negotiate or decline it for good. ano sa tingin mo?

gasoline dude > clue: pangalan sya ng isang tao. hehe.

Andy Briones said...

@The Scud

Wait, can I guess? Is it Andy Briones? Just kidding, hehe. :-)

Ely said...

Hmmm, na-turn down ang malaking offer? Sana saken na lang. hehehe.

Sorry I haven't visited your blog for awhile. I like the picture in your banner. Kuha mo un?

The Scud said...

ely > hindi sya malaki. average. haay.

re: banner photo. i wish i took that picture but i didnt. a friend took that photo at potipot island in zambales.