Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Age of Innocence

A few months back mama brought my niece to the school where she teaches. Inside the campus they passed by a disabled (from birth) student walking wobbly. This is how mama\'s and my niece's conversation went:

Niece : Malo (Mama Lola), ngano man in-ana sya mo-walk? (Why does he walk like that?)
Mama : Kay mao man ang gihatag ni Lord. (Because the Lord gave that to him.)
Niece : Bad diay na si Lord, Ma? (Is the Lord bad then?)

Haay. Kids.

I wish I was like this kid again. Innocent. Without worries. Full of promise.

I wish 2009 would be much better than 2008 which I called the Year of Pain.

Happy New Year, everyone!


Andy Briones said...

I agree that 2008 is the Year of Pain. I'm crossing my fingers that 2009 will not be a pain in the ass, although economists are saying that it's gonna be much worse than 2008. Hehe.

Happy New Year! :-)

duke said...

we can always choose to be childlike.

i'm a peter pan myself.

Happy Nu Year, scud.

Panaderos said...

I'm angry and indignant over the unbridled greed of American bank and insurance company officials that unleased this financial crisis upon all of us. Unfortunately, a lot of them are still in power. US government bailed out these banks without requiring them to render a proper accounting of the taxpayer funds that were loaned to them.

2008 was a tough year and I'm glad it's over. However, let's all hope that meaningful global recovery does make an appearance some time this year.

Yes, these are the times when I wish I was back to my carefree childhood days. But unfortunately, those days are gone for us. It's now our generation's turn to deal with the world's problems.

Happy New Year, Pards!

Kevin said...

My 2008 wasn't really baaad at all. :P

Anyway, just hopping. :D

The Gasoline Dude said...

Go Obama! Hehehe. = P

Raft3r said...

happy 2009, scud
delayed greeting ko ng 1 day
galing tagaytay, eh

SONIA said...

I was definitely THE year of pain. for my personal life, anyway. :-p i'm looking forward to this new one.

the donG said...

hahaha.... kakatuwa nga ang mga bata. they are naturally funny.