Monday, December 8, 2008

Chances Are

A couple of weeks back I sent out my resume to a company who was in urgent need of IT people. The HR gave me a call that I was qualified for the job and advised me to modify my resume before it can be forwarded to the client. I did and had my first client interview.

A week later I heard my manager, whose workstation is just a few feet from mine, talking to someone over the phone. A few minutes after ending the call she burst out laughing. She called my lead and other teammates within earshot that she had a funny story to tell. My teammates immediately gathered near her workstation. I didn't join in the huddle since I was swamped with work. But I eavesdropped.

This is how her story goes.

Just that morning she sent out her resume to a prospective employer. The HR called and informed her to reformat her resume and that a template had been sent to her email address. When the email arrived she was surprised that the template sent was my modified resume!

When I heard that part I turned my chair around in disbelief. Everyone was laughing. I was like wtf! I was pissed for a bit until it sunk in that the whole thing was actually funny. I wondered if my resume is really that good that it was now being used as a template.

That bit of news reached the company and two weekends ago the erring HR called me to apologize. It was no big deal really. I wasn't going to blow the whole thing out of proportion. I did ask if how many copies of my resume were sent out. It turned out that the HR only sent it to one applicant - to my manager. Kung mamalasin ka nga naman.

And one more thing. I passed the first client interview. Wohooo! The second is in the works. Probably in the next couple of weeks. If I get hired, which I don't think will happen, then in a month or two I'd be in a plane scared shitless but excited of a new life in a foreign land.


the donG said...

hahaha... patawa nga ito. pero im sure you'll make it scud. nakakatawa lang tong kwento.

SONIA said...

wow, i'm impressed. way to go. :-)

Raft3r said...

peram naman ng resumr mo

good luck, btw!

The Scud said...

the dong > parang ayoko pa umalis ng bansa dong. masaya pa naman dito sa pinas.

sonia > thanks!

raft3r > sige ba. siguraduhin mo lang palitan ung personal details. hehe.

Raft3r said...

may tanong pala akong it-related
bigla nalang kasi nawala yun audio ng laptop ni raft3r
what should i do?

btw, di ko rin papalitan yun personal details
baka yun ang juicy, eh

The Scud said...

may na-install ka ba na bagong software? baka yan ang cause ba't nawalan ng audio.

you can try this (may vary with Vista):
- go to the control panel from the start menu
- Click on Sound Speech and Audio Devices - then Sounds and Audio Devices
- In the Audio tab, note the Default Device for Sound playback.
- Search for the device in the Hardware tab. If it is not working properly, click on troubleshoot.

If that doesn't work, the quickest way without spending a dime is to email customer support of your laptop's manufacturer, explain what you last did before you lost the audio, and ask for the driver needed.

hope that helps! medyo mahaba nga lang. hehe.

Curbside Puppet said...

funny post yun ah! major oops moment!

atticus said...

scud, ano address mo? para dalhin ko sa iyo laptop ko pag di ko ma-figure out.

may automatic shut down button ang brain ko kasi pag techie stuff. hehe.

para sa iyo iyong trabaho na inaplayan mo kaya maghanda ka na.

Raft3r said...

ganon pa din sya
tamad naman ako dalin sa shop yun laptop

thanks, scud

The Scud said...

curbside puppet > kakatawa nga yun. hehe.

atticus > i don't know anything about mac. hehe. matutulungan kita pag meron nagregalo ng macbook. :-)

raft3r > bummer. try mo na lang email customer service. btw, does the audio work if you plug in the earphone?

ALiNe said...

Apply ka sa amin :)

Andy Briones said...

Dude, if you go abroad, you won't be able to watch Cinemalaya and Cinemanila flicks anymore... Kung ako sa yo, dito ka na lang sa Pinas. Masaya dito maski tag-hirap sa pera.

I'm playing devil's advocate. Haha.

the donG said...

oo dito muna tayo. dito pwede tayong mamasyal anytime. mura pa ng mga byahe at natural pa ang mga kagandahan na nakikita.

The Scud said...

aline > saan yan?!?

andy > naisip ko na din yan. haha. adik.

dong > di pa tumatawag kaya dito muna ako. hehe.