Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Survivor Philippines

Warning: Spoilers abound!

I just saw an episode of Survivor Philippines (SP) where Naak, my favorite tribe (hehe), lost again in the reward challenge where they had to wrap and unwrap themselves with a long strip of cloth. Again, when the series episode focuses on a challenge (reward or immunity) it sucked. The editing is horrible. You don't know which team is leading. In this case, Naak was leading at the start of the challenge but in the end Jarakay beat them. I don't what the hell happened. The editing didn't show why Naak lost their lead. Crap.

The show is more interesting when they focus on the goings-on within the tribe - the alliances, the plotting, the mind games. From what I see on tv Jarakay is a less solid team than Naak I think that would eventually lead to their downfall. That is if the spoilers on the internet are true.

If you've been surfing the net about any SP news or spoiler just like me, which IMO is an indication of a certified SP addict, you'd probably know that JC is rumored to be this season's Sole Survivor. That news is sort of a good news for me since he is one of my bets to do good in the game. The reasons: he's athletic and is a huge help in challenges, he's low-key which is a good thing since most power players usually get the boot before the final four, he has a solid alliance with 4 other tribemates in Naak, and he gets along well with everyone which is also a good thing when the jury votes between the Final 2.

It is said that the other man standing when the jury votes is Cris, who has an alliance with JC and is also physically fit to do well in challenges. I think, though, that he is too strong-headed (a perfect example is his verbal spat with Kiko regarding the correct way to kayak) and may lose a vote or two from the jury members. He may win the game if the jury opts to reward him the money since he needs it more than JC.

But then again, it is still to early to tell. Only four castaways have been voted off the island and 14 remain. Madami pang pwedeng mangyari. But if in the next couple of weeks Vevherly and John get the boot then the spoilers might very well be true.
Other spoilers/forecasts:
1. According to this blogger , the final 4 comprise of Cris, JC, Kaye, and Rob. The person missing from the five-member alliance, as pointed out in yesterday's recap episode, is Kiko who I would assume will be a jury member.

2. Zita reaches the merge based on the pics posted by #1 above.
3. Jace and Veronica reaches the merge. I read somewhere that Chev mentioned that her bet was Veronica pero sayang lang at pinagtulungan. Hmmmm...
4. That leaves two more castaways that will comprise the merged tribe. I'm betting on Marlon (who is an irritatingly good power player) and Charisse. I think Jarakay would gang up on Nina before the merge. The reasons? She's tough. She's intelligent. And she doesn't have a solid alliance.
So here's my list of the merged tribe members:
Naak - Cris, JC, Kaye, Rob, Kiko, Zita
Jaracay - Jace, Veronica, Marlon, Charisse
Charisse will be voted off on the first tribal council as a merged tribe.
These are my fearless predictions. Yours?
I'll continually update this entry in the coming weeks until SP ends in early December.

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