Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Cursed 2008

I wrote in August about how my 2008 has been a sad and frustrating year. My aunt died, my brother got hospitalized, and my father had his gall bladder removed.

They say that when you're down there is no other way but to go up. I think that's not going to happen anytime soon.

First, my brother is now in the hospital to remove stones from his gall bladder (it is a family curse!).

Second, just a few days ago my 94-year-old grandmother slipped and landed on her butt. She can sit and stand on her own but have not tried walking yet. Masakit pa raw. I hope her xray results this week will turn out ok. Fingers-crossed.

Third, I'm incompetent in my job. I commit blunders. I'm not technical enough. I'm berating myself here but you get the drift. That doesn't bode well to my annual performance review in december particularly the promotion that I'm craving for.

Fourth, the mirror in my room fell and cracked. Dammit! Does that mean I'm cursed for the next seven years. Seriously?


Mia said...

i used to be superstitious, but after breaking 2 mirrors in a row, i figured i couldnt sulk around for 14 years of bad luck. so i chucked the idea. you might want to, too.

TheScud said...

thanks mia. i didnt take the superstition seriously anyway. we all create our own destiny. i think. :-)