Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I haven't seen any of the sex videos filmed and produced by Haiden Kho. I do not intend to download the videos via http/torrent or watch them via YouTube.

I have seen too many personal sex videos in my 20-something existence that all of them look the same to me. Bad video. Bad audio. Sloppy and stagnant camerawork. Unimaginative and repetitive sex positions.

One should watch film features to see how sex scenes should be done sans shots of male and female genitalia. Take for example the spit-swapping scene in Scorpio Nights. Or Klaudia Koronel and an actor doing it on tree branches in Tuhog. Or Michelle Aldana getting it on with Gary Estrada in Segurista. Or Graciaaa of Eat Bulaga fame on top of Albert Martinez while furiously fanning herself in Sidhi. Or that helicopter scene in Live Show.

Now those are imaginative. But I digress. I couldn't help inserting that last paragraph. Haha.

What really peeves me though is how some senators are exploiting the scandal for their own political ambitions. Plus pogi points.

Look at Jamby Madrigal. The Judy Ann Santos-lookalike (duh!) heading a Senate investigation on the sex videos for for legislative purposes.

Look at Bong Revilla. A man, who has sired children from women other than his wife, delivering a speech on morality. Putik!

Patricia Evangelista in her Method To Madness column in PDI a couple of Sundays ago argues about this splendidly.

Read the article here.


atticus said...

ang puso. may ibang dahilan bakit nagsalita si bong. at hindi rin moral ang dahilan. hehe.

gillboard said...

you know how politicians are... they suck!!! hehehe

Sonia said...

I like her article..it was tight and to the point. It's funny how condescending Bong Revilla can be. I mean, hayden Kho was crazy for doing it, but the way they capitalize it, you'd think he killed people and should be put away for life, or something.

len said...

Those politicians need to get as much exposure as they can. Lapit na election.

And I agree with atticus. May personal siyang rason kung bakit siya nagsalita ng ganon. kasi...kasi.. hehe

The Scud said...

atticus > alam ko yan! alam ko yan!

gillboard > sinabi mo pa. kainis talaga.

The Scud said...

sonia > i don't think the scandal would have blown out of proportion if Revilla and Madrigal did not join in the bandwagon. pinatulan pa kasi.

len > same sa comment ko kay atticus. alam ko yan! alam ko yan! pero teka. totoo ba talaga na sila? hehe. chismoso.

zherwin said...

and you forgot the "high five" sign of kate winslet in titanic yihaa hehe.

next topic will be the wedding of mar roxas lol

Andy Briones said...

"Look at Jamby Madrigal. The Judy Ann Santos-lookalike (duh!)"

-> Oo nga 'no, mejo hawig sila. Ehehehe.

The Scud said...

zherwin > nyahaha. tax pa natin ang ginagastos dyan.

andy > kaya nga sya nanalo. dahil kay juday. :D

Raft3r said...

that's my favorite word