Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hiatus II

By the time this gets published I will be at the airport awaiting my flight to a place called home.

This time I won't be leaving Manila to escape from someone. I will be leaving Manila because I want to and not because I need to.

I will be gone for a week.

I plan to go to the beach if the weather permits. I plan to spend many hours sleeping. I plan to meet up with friends who I hid from on my last visit. I plan to get drunk. I plan to get laid.

And I will have fun.

Have a great weekend and 3rd week of June everyone!


gillboard said...

Enjoy your vacation!!!

Andy Briones said...

You're going on vacation again? And your office allowed you? Parang gusto ko na talaga mag-apply sa office niyo, ehehe. Just kidding! =P

Enjoy your trip! Get a tan or something. Ooops, I forgot; tag-ulan na pala. Ehehe.

atticus said...

ay, bakit parang galet ka? galet ka eh. nagbabanta ka eh. feel ko lang.

have fun. be safe. ikumusta mo ako sa mga puno sa loob ng silliman. :)

Sonia said...'re using the L word na. tsk tsk, you HAVE sound so...coarse. haha

Raft3r said...

getting laid is the best part of your plan

The Gasoline Dude said...

I wanna get laid too!
I wanna get laid too!
I wanna get laid too!


xoxo krisler xoxo said...

i wish when you come back you are someone better than who you are before.. =)

len said...

Make the most out of it. Enjoy! :p

An Asian Traveler said...

Happy trip!

Just popping in to say Hi. Meanwhile, have you tried to ride on a Tornado ? Visit my page to see it. Have a fun-filled day!

the donG said...

ingat at enjoy sa paguwi. kitakits sa pagbalik.

Panaderos said...

I love getting laid too whenever I get the chance. Enjoy your vacation, Pards!

The Scud said...

gillboard > nag-enjoy ako!

andy > tanned na ako! hehe.

atticus > uy. hindi ako galit. galit mga puno sa silliman. di mo na sila nadadalaw. :p

The Scud said...

sonia > it's the new scud. hehe.

raft3r > it was. :D

gasdude > you should. lol.

The Scud said...

kris > i hope so. i'm kind of dealing with something right now but I won't blog about it. hehe.

len > i did. salamat!

asian traveler > thanks for dropping by.