Sunday, June 28, 2009


I was watching episodes of The West Wing and the banter between the characters played by Bradley Whitford and Mary Louise Parker left me grinning.

The banter was smart and witty and sexy. It was like both characters were fucking with each other's minds. If they were doing the deed it would have been a really good foreplay.

I had a sudden realization, while watching the two flirt, that ever since the break-up I have not done flirting of any kind.

I miss flirting. I miss locking with someone else's eyes while playing around with words. I miss the throwback lines aimed at me leaving me grasping for words to shoot back which would make me sound cool but not look like a moron, a jackass, and a chauvinist pig.

I remember a friend telling me, which I believe I may have mentioned in a previous entry, that I am an incorrigible flirt.

Now, I think I may have lost my mojo.

Where could it have gone?


atticus said...

wow. intelligent na pala ang flirting ngayon? kasi ako dinadakma ko na lang agad. wala namang nagrereklamo pa, so far.

teka nga, makapandakma nga ulit.

yeah, west wing is so well written. hay. sana ako ang nagsulat. dyaske.

Andy Briones said...

Ano nga pala nangyari kay Rob Lowe sa West Wing? Di ba umalis siya? Gusto yata ng higher pay, ehehe.

Out na pala ni DVD yung Jay. Nakabili ako sa Odyssey kanina. Nagulat ako kasi may special features. Rare yun sa mga Pinoy DVDs! Ehehe.

the donG said...

down the bowl. but eating rice i think will replace it. rice from banaue.

Panaderos said...

I don't believe that you've lost your mojo. It's just taking a rest right now but it will be back in no time.

Take it easy. :-)

gillboard said...

the heart's still healing... it will come back... it always comes back!

Jerick (the former Curbside Puppet) said...

haven't been here in decades. but i would like to read your happiness and wit again in here.

The Scud said...

atticus > hindi naman flirting yan. harassment na. haha. peace!
> i think the west wing is the best written tv show that i've seen. better than the sopranos and six feet under.

andy > umalis kasi nainggit sa sweldo ni martin. hehe. anong special features meron ang jay? trailer?

The Scud said...

dong > wohooo! buti na lang din na move. wimbledon finals kasi this weekend.

panaderos > kelangan gawan ng paraan. hehe.

The Scud said...

gillboard > gagayahin ko si david cook. come back to me my mojo. :D

jerick > uy. thanks. buti at di ka nakalimot. i used to visit your site but the page always crashes. kainis.

iya said...

alam mo nagtataka ako syo kasi u seem naman that ur intelligent guy but still you cant moved on.hmmn, wala akong pakelam right..hehhe.
im an avid reader.not like you im not a good writer but i have a twisted mind also.:)
marami pa sana ako gusto itanong kaya lng ako rin kasi ayaw ko nageexplain sa ibang tao so i just leave u with one question na lng..
in ur opinion do u think anderson cooper is gay? smile =p
(dont publish this.nakakahiya.hehehe.)

The Scud said...

iya > sorry. i had to approve your comment. you left me no choice. no return address. haha.
> im not mad ha. im just glad i have an avid reader. *gloating* thanks for (avidly?) following my blog. drop me an email again and ill answer your questions - punto por punto. :D

have a great week!

Andy Briones said...

RE: Jay DVD special features, sinama nila yung audition videos nila Baron Geisler at ni Coco Martin. Meron ding behind-the-scenes at picture gallery. Gulat nga ko, ang dami. Ehehe.

Raft3r said...

nandyan lang lang
nabaon sa baul

welcome back!

prinsesamusang said...

it has never left for sure. nakatago lang somewhere waiting for a surprise attack. i sure would want to read that story when it comes.

The Scud said...

andy > ayos naman pala. pero di ako mahilig bumili ng orig dvds. loyal pirate ako. nyahaha.

raft3r > im back nga! ano pala nangyari sa botohan?

The Scud said...

prinsesamusang > wonderful idea! i-blog ko yan if bumalik mojo ko. hehe.