Monday, June 15, 2009

Air Sex

Have you ever played an imaginary musical instrument in hand? Say strumming a guitar or beating the drums or pressing the piano keys while you play music in your head? Apparently a term exists for these kinds of instruments. Air guitar. Air drums. Air piano.

Now, the Japanese has innovated a game out of this back in 2006. They call this air sex. Yes, you did not misread it the first time. It is air sex.

The premise is that men would perform imaginary sexual acts with a partner on stage. Doing the missionary or girl on top positions is easy but what about the more complicated and acrobatic acts? Freaking hilarious.

I wonder if the criteria take into consideration the sounds emitted and the facial contortion needed for the act.


Have a great week everyone!


atticus said...

At ano naman ang pinanggagalingan ng nugget of wisdom na ito, aber? Aber? Saan naman nagmula ito?

Lika ulit dito, ading ko. Pakutos lang.

gillboard said...

those crazy japanese and their wacky imagination/inventions!!

Crazy!!! lolz

The Scud said...

atticus > blame it on magic 89.9. hehe.

gillboard > it is! dapat meron din ganyan sa pinas. lol.

len said...

I did the air guitar, air drums and air piano. I must be a frustrated musician. :p

Air sex? Weird. Well, Japanese people have always been the innovators.

And you have a new and nice header. :p

Sonia said...

That has got to be the funniest thing i've heard in a long time. People come up with freaky things all the time.. :-p

Raft3r said...

air sex
i like that
san ulit yan?

The Scud said...

len > salamat. stolen shot yan. honest. :D

sonia > wala na magawa mga hapon. they should do the act for real para tumaas naman population rate nila.

The Scud said...

raft3r > yan ang tinatawag nila na "making love out of nothing at all"

Raft3r said...

mabuhay ang air supply

Andy Briones said...

Galing ng bagong banner picture mo. Sa may Power Books Greenbelt ba ito? Madalas ako dun nung nagtratrabaho pa ko sa Makati. Ngayon sa Eastwood na ko; nakaka-miss rin Makati paminsan. Gusto ko dun kasi maraming puwedeng pagwaldasan ng pera, ehehe.

The Scud said...

raft3r > i should have used that air supply song as this post's title. dang!

andy > madalang na din ako gumala ng makati. weekends na lang kung may lakad.