Friday, May 29, 2009

A New World

This week was my first in my new job.


I didn't have much to do. I only have two-hour training per day with my manager about processes and stuff. The rest of the time was spent surfing the net, reading an ebook, or playing Freecell or Klondike on my phone.

I have this weird habit of playing cards, electronic or the real thing, when something's troubling me. I make a wish and try to complete a game 3x in a row. I continue playing for hours and even days until I meet the criteria.

This time I wished she would come back into my arms. I was successful. Twice.


This week was my first in my new job.


Except for the time when Facilities issued me my office supplies. I signed the slip without bothering to check what those supplies were. When I did I almost laughed out loud.

They issued me a freaking calculator. The kind used by accountants and salesladies. I was like what am I going to do with that?


This week was my first in my new job.


There is internet but the sites allowed are limited. Sports and Entertainment sites and sections are blocked. Heck, even the review section of clickthecity is blocked. Dang!

Outside email engines are blocked too. No YahooMail. No Gmail.

And no instant messenger. No YM. No AIM. No Meebo.

Management must be training their employees to be workaholics. It's working.

My teammates don't talk to each other. They're too focused. They don't joke around. They don't go for afternoon snacks.

I miss my old teammates.


This week was my first in my new job.


I like my new office though. It's big. I have a huge LCD monitor. I have a desktop with a 2++ GHz clock speed and a 2Gb RAM.

And they pay well.


This week was my first in my new job.


The day is going to end on a bright note. I and my old teammates are getting together for a night of binge drinking.

My latest status update is right on.

I have drank more beer these past four weeks than the previous three years combined.


Have a great weekend everyone!


gillboard said...

Looks like an interesting job... happy weekend!!!

Photo Cache said...


now tell me what job allows ym and i'm there.

glad at my job i can still bloghop :)

enjoy this well paying job.

Sonia said...

haha...well, on the brighter side, at least you have good pay. and a whoop-ass pc. the thing about the calculator thing was funny, though. :-p

atticus said...

wow. you want her back. asus. lumingon pa.

i like them computers. powerful. wow.

The Gasoline Dude said...

Saan ba 'yan at makapag-apply?

The Scud said...

gilbert > sana!

photo cache > ang dami dyan. hehe. actually meron workaround to the ym thing. di ko pa ginagawa. bago pa lang pasaway na. hehe.

thanks for dropping by. balik ka ulit!

Sonia > thanks S. And I have an 18" monitor. :D

The Scud said...

atticus > i dont want her back. i do want her back. im confused. :(

i like my desktop too. :D

gasdude > stay put ka na lang dyan sa SG. :D

atticus said...

scud, umayos ka. let it rest for now. clean slate muna. mahihirapan kayo pareho niyan if you pick things up: you might punish her for what she did, she, on the other hand, might think you're weak.

be strong.

lika rito, pabatok lang. :)

The Scud said...

atticus > yan ang hinahanap ko na advice. salamat! salamat!

sige. batukan mo ako. lakasan mo ha para magising ako. hehe.

atticus said...

one huge batok, coming up!

(i'm sure you'd do the same for me.)

Andy Briones said...

Buti ka pa, ang dami mong freetime in your new work place to do personal stuff.

Ibang klase sa office namin, super high-stress at grabe ang work load. My only break is when I go to the loo to pee. Patay-patay tayo jan. =P

len said...

A new beginning, work wise. I like it. Buti ka pa. ;p

Mark David said...

It sounds like you work in my office, and that you're one of the newbies there... are you?

Actually this new policy of no Internet is rather new, just about the same time the recent batch of trainees came. Last I heard it was in support of some huge-load application testing they've been doing for the past couple of weeks, but I'm not sure why the net still isn't back up yet.

But about not having free time at work, well it's always been like that in the office. I'm not really complaining though, since they do pay me to work and not to play :D