Tuesday, April 21, 2009


One is my 118th post.

When you take the sum of these three digits the answer would be 10.

Adding 1 and 0 gives us 1.

1 means the age of my blog.

Yes, my blog is now a year old.



And how do I celebrate?

By resigning from my job effective in 30 days.



Blogging has been a great therapy for the past year. If you've read my posts from Day 1 you would have witnessed my rants, my fears, my heartbreaks, my crappy movie reviews, my travels, my random thoughts.

Thanks to those who regularly visit my blog although I know my writing needs a major overhaul. I'm singling out from the top of my head Raft3r, Gillboard, Andy, Atticus, Panaderos, Gasoline Dude, Ely, Skron, Duke.

Thanks to Len for visiting although it sucks that I can't return the favor. Maybe you could share your multiply site?

Thanks to my fellow bloggers Sonya and Dong who I personally from many, many years ago. Please keep my identity a secret. I'll hunt you guys down when you spill the beans.

Thanks also to Woogie, KG, and CC for finally dropping by my blog after my incessant and shameless plugging. Please keep my identity a secret. If you don't I also would hunt you down - even if it would take me to another continent. Haha. You know I'm kidding right? The hunting down?


I am not going to let this day pass without posting my flag counter results. Modest numbers, I know, but still. Not bad for someone who was never popular or never confident about his writing.


gillboard said...

Happy birthday to your blog!!! Many more, I guess... malalaman din namin identity mo.. hehehe

len said...

Happy 1st!
Keep on writing! :p
And good luck to your new endeavor.

I am sharing SOME blog posts for everyone on my Multiply site: manilengrace.multiply.com

Skron said...

Dude, Happy Birthday. Your writing doesn't need an overhaul man. You're one of the best writers. Probably close to that Menthol Guy dude.

Just close because that kid is on a way different level. I hope you won't take this as an insult. Because this was meant as a compliment.

woogie82 said...

hope you'll have more birthdays to come! and even more blogs and reviews...hehehe...

woogie82 said...

good luck on your new job! libre naman dyan :)

Ely said...

happy birthday to ur blog. mine's about to turn two!

Andy Briones said...

Hey, happy 1st!

Thanks for mentioning my name in your post; I appreciate it. =)

Wait, did I hear right? You're celebrating your blog's first anniversary by resigning from your job? Whoa, that's major! Good luck man; may the force be with you. Ehehehe.

Raft3r said...

happy, happy birthday to you

i enjoy reading your blog

i don't feel obligated to visit you
kasi nakakatuwa mga posts ko


tama ka
dapat si len magblogger na din

Raft3r said...

btw, good luck sa pagre-resign
it's very liberating, ano?

the donG said...

yihaa! Isang taon na nga. The experience of having a blog survive a year is an accomplishment. Kaya congratulations.

The Scud said...

gillboard > haha. hindi mo malalaman. :p

len > salamat! at babaeng-babae ang multiply site ah. pink na pink. hehe.

skron > thanks! "that menthol guy dude" is one darn good writer. and he's like what? 19?

The Scud said...

woogie > salamat! buti na lang wala ka dito sa pinas. hehe. ma-extend ka ba?

ely > mas matanda ka pala sakn ng isang taon! :D

andy > thanks! yes i did. at nag-OT pa ako. tinambakan. hehe.

raft3r > tsek mo ung multiply site ni len. pink. parang mmda. nyahaaha! peace len.

The Scud said...

raft3r > liberating nga! buti may leave credits pa ako. terminal leave. yey!

dong > salamat!

len said...

Parang MMDA? Ayos mang-asar ha. Don't worry I'll ask Bayani and his men to hunt you down. hehe

My Multiply site is in Raft3r's blog roll kaya immune na iyan sa pink background. nyahahaha

Lionheart : Richard the Adventurer said...

Sinabi mo pa!

hehe :)

pantanggal ko ng pagkabagot... hehe!

Pero addict na talaga ako...

The Scud said...

lionheart > i think you posted this on the wrong post? hehe... n big deal. thanks for visiting!