Thursday, April 2, 2009

Black Snake Moan

One of the things I did during my stay in Bantayan was having a massage. Although I have a bad back, which I think needs a weekly rub, that was only the second time I had a professional massage.

I had the massage early in the evening on a Friday night. Around 8pm. I lay on my back on the bed while the masahista started her whole body massage routine. While I talked to her in Cebuano I was mildly amused that she and another masahista whom my buddy also hired were doing an almost synchronized massage. It was actually quite cool.

I stopped talking a few minutes after the massage commenced. The continuous rub made me drowsy. When I was in between consciousness and sleep my phone rang. It was a friend from my hometown.

In the midst of our talk I told her that I was currently having a massage and that was why I have this "drowsy" voice. As she talked about what was bugging her the masahista started concentrating on my back. It was heaven. It was amazing. It was tingly. She was pushing all the right buttons with her fingers and her palms.

I remember I had my eyes closed with my chin resting on the pillow and my right hand holding the phone to my ear. My friend was still pouring her heart out. Then I moaned. You know that sound when you're in the point of no return.

A second after I made the sound I realized what I just did. I was horrified. Embarrassed. My friend laughed. I did too. I apologized. She said she had to go. I said my goodbyes. And so did she.
The massage continued. I no longer moaned for the next 30 minutes.


gillboard said...

ok lang ang moan... wag lang fart... hehehe

the donG said...

hahaha... funny one tzed. so you didnt just love the island. you even had a good moan for massage.

lesson here, never talk to someone while you're having a full body massage.

Panaderos said...

That was so funny. :) I would apologize too or maybe not. :D I'll probably ask her later what she thought I was doing. Hehehe

Andy Briones said...

I haven't tried being massaged yet. Based on your account, it sounds, uhm, quite pleasurable. Ehehe. :p

The Scud said...

gillboard > huwag naman fart. nakahihiya dun sa nagmasahe. :-D

dong > lesson learned nga. i-silent mode ko na yun next time.

panaderos > i haven's asked her about what happened. ma-text nga.

The Scud said...

andy > subukan mo. asap!

Sonia said...

it could be that she thought you were in the middle of having a big O while doing the deed. and she was probably sorry it got "ruined". :-p