Friday, January 30, 2009

Scud at the Movies: Part VII

Revolutionary Road. A decade or so after the phenomenon that was Titanic, Leonardo diCaprio and Kate Winslet star in Sam Mendes' adaptation of Richard Yates' novel Revolutionary Road. The two play a couple, Frank and April Wheeler, a who live "hopeless emptiness" existence in the suburbs. Even though both stars didn't get Oscar nods for this film, don't deter from watching diCaprio and Winslet verbally spar at each other. (The Oscars is not the lone barameter of great films anyway.) This is a depressing movie where the characters show a fake facade of happiness and contentment. Just my cup of tea. Watch this.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona. This is Woody Allen's latest movie about two female friends Vicky and Cristina who spend a summer in Barcelona. There they meet and sleep with a Spanish artist played brilliantly by Javier Bardem. Penelope Cruz steals the show as Bardem's mentally unstable ex-wife. This is a sensously hot film about love, life, and compromise. Watching Bardem, Johannson, and Cruz redefine "lust in the dark room" is an added bonus. Watch this.

Ploning. This is a beautifully photographed and immensely affecting tale of a man searching for a girl named Ploning in Cuyo, Palawan. The last few scenes (last act?) are a marvel. If you liked Marilou Diaz-Abaya's Sa Pusod ng Dagat, to date the only impressive output from GMA Films , then this is the film for you. Watch this.

In Bruges. Two hitmen are trapped in a medieval town, called Bruges, in Belgium awaiting orders from their boss. Immensely enjoyable. The dialogue is often hilarious. Colin Farrel has never been better. Watch this.

Lakeview Terrace. Samuel L. Jackson star as a cop out to seek havoc to his new mixed-race couple neighbor played by Patrick Wilson and Kerry Washington. This is just your average-type of movie. The kind you watch when there's nothing else to do.


Andy Briones said...

Vicky Cristina Barcelona
-> Love this film! It's my favorite Woody Allen flick. :-)

-> Bought a copy from Astrovision... for some reason, I still can't force myself to watch it, ehehe.

In Bruges
-> Been hearing good things about this film. I think I'll end up liking this one.

Skron said...

I went out to watch Vicky Cristina Barcelona a couple months ago. I fell asleep inside the theater. I think it was in the scene when Bardem tells Vicky about why his dad don't publish his poetry. That happens to me often times. Even if the movie isn't boring at all.

Chyng said...

I have not watched any of the movies you presented here.. Loser! haha

gillboard said...

i would like to see In Bruges, it's been out for like forever, just can't find a copy yet.

The Scud said...

andy >

vicky cristina barcelona: have seen only 3 allen flicks - mighty aphrodite, match point, and vicky... the latest nga ang the best.

ploning : panoorin mo na. beware! sentimental ang movie na yan.

in bruges: i hope you do!

The Scud said...

skron > haha. dahil ba malamig sa sinehan?

chyng > haha. watch ka kahit isa.

gillboard > madami dyan sa bakenta. :-)

r-yo said...

i have watched ploning and considered as one of the better-made products of philippine cinema. i just didn't think it was oscar material. not our time yet, i suppose.

revolutionary road is next in my list. i hope this really is as good as the buzz i'm hearing.

thnks for the visit!

len said...

Am I on Earth still? I haven't watched any of these movies. :(

Panaderos said...

I'm a Woody Allen fan. Too bad that I missed VCB when it came out in the theaters here. I'll definitely catch it either on cable or on DVD.

The Scud said...

r-yo > tama ka. sana in our lifetime. hehe.

len > watch ka kahit isa dyan.

panaderos > vcb is a fun movie. hiram ka na lang sa netflix. :-)

Raft3r said...

my bestfriend's girlfriend was a decent output from gma films

The Scud said...

raft3r > nyahaha... malamang "ang babaeng hinugot sa aking tadyang" ang favorite tv show mo ngayn.

Andy Briones said...

Whoa, Raft3r likes to watch "Ang Babaeng Hinugot sa Aking Tadyang" ?

lulz, lulz, lulz