Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Survivor Philippines: Update 5

I got the boot speculation below from dementedness of peyups.

Zita: Marlon, Cris, Kaye, Charisse and Vern will stick to their plan of getting rid of the next threat
Rob: next biggest threat after Zita
Marlon: JC (as I said, feeling ko gagawin nia ang lahat para manalo ng immunity this time) would return to his old allies, Cris and Kaye to vote out ang pinakaayaw niang tao sa tribe, si Marlon.
Vern: mananalo muli ng IC si JC. kaya ang best option is to eliminate the strongest player. Cris, Kaye and JC will vote out Vern
Charisse: mananalo muli ng IC si JC. last original member of Jarakay has to go.
Cris: mas pipiliin ni JC si Kaye dahil mas mananaaig na nabetray ni Cris ang original pordaboys alliance nila ni kiko at rob.
Final two: Kaye and JC
Winner: Kaye

My take. Even though Rob got booted off last night, I'm still hoping which is diminishing by the minute that the remaining 5 Naaks will now vote off Marlon, Charisse, and Vern in succession. It's a long shot now that Kaye and Chris aligned themselves with the Jarakays. Nasa kanilang dalawa na ang power.

Abangan na lang sa Biyernes who will get voted off - Nay Zita (dementedness) or Marlon (thescud).


Raft3r said...

i'm a big pinoy survivor fan.
i stay up late just to watch it.
thanks 4 visiting The Deadbeat Club.
i added you to my blogroll, btw.
hope you do the same.
thanks again, the scud!Q
see ya around!

TheScud said...

raft3r, i added you too to my blogroll. Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog. :-) Certified SP addict na ako. I visit (lurk) sa mga forums. And have temporarily stopped going out on weeknights. Haha.