Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Family Stone

A few months back I blogged about the operations my father and younger brother had, only a month apart, to remove their gall bladders. My doctor friend told me that the ability to produce (gall) stones could be hereditary. I wasn't surprised. An aunt had the same operation and my grandfather, they suspect, died from the same ailment.

Since it was obviously a family thing I wasn't going to give it to chance. I resolved to go visit the doctor and have my gall bladder checked. It took me a few weeks before I actually made the effort. And to think that my HMO's fully-equipped clinic is only a couple of blocks away from where I work!

So early yesterday afternoon I finally had the ultrasound which was a funny experience. The first thing was that after bringing me to the room where I was going to be examined the attending nurse told me to lay down on the bed, unbuckle my belt, unzip my pants, and lower it a little. I thought I was in a porn movie. Haha.

The second was the ultrasound process which actually took just a few minutes but felt like it lasted for more than that. I'm not too comfortable having my abdomen touched so when the doctor started massaging my one-pack it took all of my willpower not to burst out laughing.

I also got the lab result and given a clean bill of health. Wohoo! The doctor cautioned me though to refrain from eating fatty and oily food. In short I should start eating healthy. I will definitely be sporting hard-rock abs in no time.

Here is a summary of the findings in case some of my handful of readers is in the medical profession. :-)

"The liver is not enlarged. The visualized surfaces are smooth in outline. Parenchyma shows mild increase in echogenicity. No focal masses noted.

The gallbladder is normal in size and configuration. Its walls are not thickened. There are multiple non-mobile echoes in the lumen, at least ten in number, and meaduring 4 to 7 mm. in size. The common duct and intrahepatic ducts are nor dilated.

The pancreas and spleen are normal in size and homegenous in echopattern."


The Gasoline Dude said...

Dapat talaga kapag meron kang Health Card eh mina-maximize mo 'yung paggamit. Sayang kasi eh ang mahal magkasakit.

Ely said...

Iba naman sa family namin, heart problem, which I already have. Pero ayaw na ayaw ko nagpupunta sa doctor. Pipila ka pa, mag-aantay, mas lalo ako ma-highblood. LOL

TheScud said...

gasoline dude > mahal at perwisyo magkasakit. mawawalan ka pa ng income. :-)

ely > haha. ang puso! ako naman tumatawag muna bago pumunta. wala akong pasensya sa mahabang pila at mabagal na serbisyo. :-)

Andy Briones said...

Went through a similar test last month. The nurse who did the procedure was a guy, and he was a bit heavy handed, so it was uncomfortable. That and the fact that my pants was dangerously low, and there was a female doctor two feet away from us. WTF.

TheScud said...

> haha. they should have given you a blanket. daming pwede i-kwento sa mga check-up experiences.

Raft3r said...

funny story
pero at least may clean bill of health kana
i remember doing this medical checkp uo for employment
pinatuwad pa talaga ako ng doctor
sobrang dyahe
i now know how it feels like to be in a gay porn

Sonia said...

Good thing you're going don't want to "echoes" to grow to into bigger ones. oh, and by the way, about the abdominal touch on the "one-pack", as you say, there IS a maneuver for super-ticklish patients such as yourself. But it's an inside secret. It's funny to see people squirm too. wehehe.

TheScud said...

raft3r > haha. nangyari na rin sa akin yan. female doctor pa yung tumingin. kaya ngayon pag meron physical exam tinatanong ko kung meron ganung tipong exam. bad trip kasi.

sonia > ang salbahe nyo! you find pleasure in seeing us squirm. hehe.