Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Expat and the Pogi

Here are a couple of insightful articles written by two Philippine Star columnists.

The eight original stories
By Scott R. Garceau
November 23, 2008

“Surely you’ve heard about the eight original stories? The fact that 99.9 percent of Hollywood scripts and movies derive their basic plots from Greek mythology, folklore and well-known fairy tales?” I was being relentless, obnoxious. I was sick of hearing people describe such-and-such a movie in breathless tones and tacking on, in apparent reverential disbelief, “How did they ever come up with that story?” Read more...

Great balls of fire
By RJ Ledesma
November 26, 2008

"In a study by the University of Central Lancashire in the UK, scientists discovered that men who have much longer fourth fingers compared to their second fingers have higher levels of testosterone surging through their systems. You No Girlfriends Since Birth (NGSBs) reading this column must be thinking, so what? Does that differential between the second and fourth finger make any difference when I am watching monkey porn?" Read more...

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