Thursday, October 16, 2008

Survivor Philippines: Update 3

When I saw the Immunity Challenge teaser for this week on SP's Tuesday episode I knew that Naak was going to win the challenge. The reason? Naak is too strong with four strong men (Rob, JC, Kiko, Chris) while Jarakay only has two (Jace and John) with the latter's fitness still in question.

Based on the teaser for Thursday's episode, the main focus will be on John who seem to be getting weaker. If you remember he got temporarily pulled off the island a few weeks back because of medical reasons. On friday, I'm betting on John getting the boot. He's too much of a liability (although Nikki is still the weakest link) for a very crucial IC next week which will determine if Naak will gain the upperhand in the merge or can Jarakay make it 5-5. If John survives, Nikki gets the boot. Either way, I do think Naak will win next week's IC. That spells doom for Jarakay.

Go Naak!

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