Thursday, September 18, 2008


Here is an interesting article from Condrado de Quiros' column There's The Rub from the Philippine Daily Inquirer.


bread toaster said...

oh cool.. a conrado de quiros article that doesn't bash GMA. hehehe. :-p INteresting stuff...have you read "A brief History of Time", by Stephen Hawking? it's cool. and oh, by the way, have you heard that there was some hype going around that once the hadron collider was going to be "operational" ;-), the world was going to "explode"? <-- the collider would probably create mini-black holes and swallow us all up too...

it's too sci-fi to be plausible, i know. :-p

TheScud said...

i havent read hawking's "a brief history of time" nor the hadron collider theory.

de quiros is a more intersting read when he writes about books, movies, sports, or anything other than politics. :-)