Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lost Love

I met, by accident, my teammate from my previous company when I was buying lunch and we had a quick chat, catching up with what's going on with our lives. I learned a few months back from mutual friends that he broke up with another good friend of mine and married the girl from a previous relationship. Norm dictate that I ask him about his marriage. And I did. And learned that his marriage was a mistake. That he plans to work abroad to save up money for an annulment. That he still loves my friend. That my friend has, naturally, been avoiding him.

He's still pretty much the same guy I worked with for a year but I sense a sadness in his eyes, in his demeanor. I feel sad for him for he let the (right) one get away. I remember sending him an article written by Mark Macapagal of The Manila Times titled "The One That Got Away" and how blown away he was by how greatly written and true that piece was.

Too bad he let the girl of his (and my) dreams get away.


atticus said...

argh. masakit, kuya eddie.

maraming salamat at uso na ang annulment. mahal, pero at least may pagkakataong iayos ang papeles at magsimula ulit. hay.

Dr. Kublai Khan said...

hmm..can i be a spoilsport and say that the guy was being a little too fanciful? :-p well, i like the concept of having an ideal person that would make me cry buckets if i lost him to somebody else when i was ready for him, but i don't's just too, pessimistic. i just didn't like the message, that's all. but hey, that's just me. :-p

by the way, i forgot to reply, i only just saw ian's xray clearance plate last night sa he going through with it?