Monday, May 3, 2010

Wrecks, Lakes, and Limestone of Coron - Day 3

It was the last day of island hopping. The weather was great. The sun was up. Clouds were everywhere. But it was all a facade.

When we went out to sea I could see the waves were huge. The sea was angry. And so was the wind. The creak of the boat's structure threatening to give way was audible. With the demented mind that I have, I thought the boat was going to break apart. At one point the roof of our boat got blown away.

Someone started videotaping the wild ride. We smiled. We laughed. It was all a facade, disguising the fact that we were all nervous. Then the captain decided to take a shortcut. And what a shortcut it was. It was a marshland. It was cool.

When we exited the marshland, the sea had changed mood. It was surprisingly calm. We can now safely navigate our way to Gunboat Island where we can snorkel and get a good view of one of the sunken ships of WWII.

The island turned out to be the only land we dropped by the rest of the day. We were brought to one snorkeling site to another. I was most impressed with Coral Island. Corals of all shapes and sizes were everywhere. Fishes were not in abundance but it was worth it.

The two-hour boat ride back to Coron proper was rough. This time we weren't scared. There were other boats traversing the same path. It was like we were on a race on which boat would arrive first at the drop off point. It was fun.


Day 3 Photos

Shortcut Through the Marshland


The Fishermen and the Sea

Gunboat Island

White Moon

Coron at Day's End


gillboard said...

the first pic.. has that amazon river feel to it... hehehe

Photo Cache said...

inggit ako talaga, if i could go home i would love to visit coron - way more than boracay.

never seen boracay but from the pictures i've seen, my gut feels lean towards coron more.

atticus said...

winner ang shots!

Andy said...

Nice shots! Parang ang sarap mag picnic by the seaside.