Monday, September 28, 2009

The Wrath of Ondoy

This photo circulating in emails and uploaded in the internet was probably taken Saturday afternoon when news of the floods caused by Ondoy broke out. I was dumbstruck when I saw the photo, not just because of how massive Ondoy's wrath was but because it was only a 15-minute walk or a 5-minute tricycle ride from where I live. The area was a waterworld from two days ago. When I left for work this morning the water was gone, replaced with inch-thick mud and mountains of garbage.

I overheard my neighbors talking amongst each other when I was on my way to work that we were lucky, having been spared from Ondoy's wrath. All we had to endure was a power outage, which as of this writing is still out and last I heard will only be restored by Wednesday at the earliest, and ankle-deep water.

I grieve for all those who were on the receiving end of Ondoy's wrath. For those who lost their homes and a lifetime of memorabilia. For those still trapped in rooftops. For those who have nothing to eat and no decent bed to sleep on. For those who have lost their loved ones.

And I worry for a friend who lives nearby whom we have not heard of until now, knowing that their area gets flooded even on the lightest of rainfall.

All I could offer them are my prayers, a few of my clothes, a little bit of cash, and a helping hand.

To those who need an extra pair of hands this weekend, please do contact me. My email is on my profile.


theLastJedi said...

indeed we should all do our part in helping our fellow Filipinos in this time of dire need.. in any way we can, we should give or share whatever we have.. like i said in my blog, we are a nation of heroes. we shall overcome this.
- i salute you scud for your will to volunteer. having been to marikina, particularly in Barangka ES this morning, our kababayans need all the help they can get.. =)

Sonia said...

Hey C., how's it going?
Things still as bad?

The Scud said...

lastjedi > survivors tayong lahat!

sonia > i'm good. may ilaw na kami! yey!

len said...

I'm actually looking for the right words to describe everything that has happened but couldn't. I'm just glad that Filipinos are naturally resilient so I'm sure we can weather all these and learn from it.

Anyways, GMA Kapuso Foundation is looking for more volunteers.

Here are the info if you like to extend some help: Volunteers needed at the GMA Kapuso Foundation Warehouse, Charles Conrad St., Dona Faustina Village II, Brgy. Culiat, Tandang Sora. Contact person Shielana Ward, 9317013.

Photo Cache said...

glad to hear you were spared; haven't heard from my friend in antipolo. was antipolo heavily affected?

Raft3r said...

did you hear from your friend yet?
naku, kami din binaha
1st time
panalo yan si ondoy
bahay at sasakyan namin puno ng tubig at putik

The Scud said...

len > unbelievable ang nangyari. parang apocalypse na when i saw the photos.

photo cache > yep. buong rizal province ata affected.

The Scud said...

raft3r > yep. both of my friends are safe. katulad mo sira lubog sa baha at putik bahay at kotse nila.

Random Student said...

Yeah nakaka-guilty when the terrain has allowed a barangay to be split into two -- flooded and not flooded.

wait said... goes on

The Scud said...

random student, we have to extend our help to these people. say a little prayer maybe. or donate used clothes. or volunteer.

The Scud said...

wait, ganyan ang pinoy. when the going gets tough, the pinoy gets going. :D

Andy said...

Buti na lang mataas ang lugar namin sa Far-view kaya hindi naman kami masyadong naapektuhan.

The Scud said...

andy > kami rin. kawawa yung mga directly affected. :(