Friday, July 31, 2009

A Song For You

2993. That's the number of songs I have in my IPod. It would take 9.7 days nonstop to listen to all of these songs. The artists range from Korn to Greenday to Adele to Jars of Clay to Bob Marley to Aiza Seguerra to Keith Urban to The Dixie Cicks to Sugarfree to John Mayer to Britney Spears. You name the artist and I would most likely have the album except for say The White Stripes or Judy Ann Santos or April Boy Regino.

These past few weeks I downloaded and got addicted to Greenday's 21st Century Breakdown (methinks this is a better and less operatic album than American Idiot) and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen OST (one of the 3 best things about the movie - the other 2 are the fantastic CGI and Megan Fox).

To keep up to speed with the latest hits in music I tune in to Magic 89.9 or music channels (MTV, Myx) on TV. I sometimes wonder why Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus or The Jonas Brothers skyrocket to the top of the charts and are given ample airtime when the songs they sing are mostly blah.

There are songs that I really like that don't hit the top of the charts. Some of them don't even land on the charts. Some of them are obscure. Some of them you probably may not have heard of. Here are some of them.

- Nina Simone's Ne Me Quitte Pas
- Damien Rice's The Blower's Daughter
- Kanye West's Love Lockdown
- Dashboard Confessional's Stolen
- Dixie Chick's Not Ready to Make Nice
- Duffy's Warwick Avenue
- Jack Johnson's If I Had Eyes
- Luther Vandross' Dance with My Father
- Sarah McLachlan's When She Loved Me
- After Image's Without You
- Twila Paris' The Warrior is a Child
- Don Moen's God Will Make a Way

Happy weekend, everyone!


Andy said...

I like the White Stripes. Meron ako nakitang CD nila dati sa Music One. Sayang hindi ko binili, now it's gone. Ayan, I'm wallowing in regret again, ehehe.

Skron said...

I have a total of more than 6000 mp3s the last time I checked. I only listen to rock, everything that branched out of it, blues and jazz. I got music that were released from the 60s up until 7/28/09.

80% of the songs I listen to never hit the charts or even the mainstream. But I don't really care.

As for my music sources. I just read various sites on the net and Guitar World.

gillboard said...

Gusto ko yung Blower's Daughter, Chasing Pavements, and When She Loved Me.

Actually, maraming tao gusto yung mga songs dyan.. di lang siya mainstream.. which is actually better kesa maging nakakasawa...

I prefer to like something that only a few people know.

Random Student said...

Weekend. Parang wala na ko n'un. 'Eto patulog pa lang ako. malito lito na ko sa mga content na ginawa ko kanina habang nagsasaya ang lahat sa friday night gimik. anyway, nice song by luther (R.I.P.)... old school pa rin ako -- CDs with inlays, ambango ng glossy paper.

len said...

What is life without music?!
I also dig John Mayer, Jack Johnson and Greenday. Mostly, I listen to alternative songs. :p

And I like your new theme so much -- peaceful and soothing! :-)

DRAKE said...

Wow, a variety of songs, genres, and artists! You are a certified music lover! From a mellow gospel song to a hard rock-greenday song.

I only have 300 songs on my iphone. Medyo piling pili na sa pinagpilian. Hehehe.

Medyo music lover din ako. From classical to alternative. Selections of jazz, pop, rock, RNB,new age, reggae and fusion of different genres.

I suggest, why not try Hillsong United (band). The lyrics are definetely great and the music is awesome!!!

INgat bro

the donG said...

wow! most of which im not familiar too. hehehe...

Raft3r said...

may CD si judy ann?

i like adele

may jonny lang ka?
astig din yon!

atticus said...

ooooh. i love ne me quitte pas, sting version. and damien's blower song.

huwag masyado sa ipod. malakas makasira ng tenga. ingat.

The Scud said...

andy > haha. bilhin mo na kasi lalo na if it's hard-to-find.

skron > wow. ang dami nyan. you must have been collecting mp3s for some time. napakinggan mo na ba lahat? i haven't done it on my collection.

The Scud said...

gillboard > tama ka. i remember a college friend liking songs by michael learns to rock. he got turned-off when their songs became popular. nyahaha.

random stude > tumigil na ako sa kabibili ng music cds. magastos kasi since i would only use it once - rip it to my ipod. :D

The Scud said...

len > thanks. im thinking of doing a total makeover. need more research pa. and time. scud is a busy man.

drake > noted. ill check that out sa youtube. :D

The Scud said...

dong > hala. what happened??? hehe.

raft3r > meron. nag-platinum pa nga ata years ago. nyahaha.
> ive heard of johnny long but i have not listened to his music. ma-youtube nga,,,

atticus > hanapin mo mukhsin. its a malaysian movie. ginamit ang ne me quitte pas. ganda.

Raft3r said...

bakit walang janet dito?


The Scud said...

raft3r > hindi lang yan. wala ni isang kanta nya sa ipod ko. nyahaha.