Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cinemalaya Cinco: Final Update

4. That's the number of days I spent at the CCP.

9. That's the number of full-length films in competition that I watched. 24K was the exception.

10. That's the number of short films in competition that I watched.

1. That's the number of films in competition that I watched.

1. That's the number of bloggers in my blogroll that I saw. Consistent with my personality I did not introduce myself.

4. That's the number of feature films that I expected to be good and did not disappoint - Dinig Sana Kita, Last Supper No 3, Ang Panggagahasa Kay Fe, and Mangatyanan.

2. That's the number of feature films that were surprisingly good - Sanglaan and Colorum. The former does not have a great story but boasts of fantastic cinematoraphy and Ina Feleo. The latter is a road movie that brings us from Manila to Bicol to Leyte and back. Alfred Vargas and Lou Veloso are a revelation.

2. That's the number of films that were not great but were not bad either - Nerseri and Engkwentro.

2. That's the number of feature films that did disappoint - Astig and Aurora.

6. That's the number of shorts that were really good. There's Behind Closed Doors, Hulagpos, Ugat sa Lupa, Si Bok at ang Trumpo, Blogog, and Bonsai.

1. That's the number of shorts that I could not fathom - Musa. I overheard a few people say the film is great because of its symbolisms. Frankly, I could not find one. Nagmukha akong bobo.


Andy said...

I also spent four days at CCP. I watched 8 out of the 10 films in competition. I was supposed to watch Batch B of the shorts, but I wasn't able to wake up today because of sheer exhaustion. I still went to CCP though to watch the awards night. I feel bad that they shut out Engkwentro (it won 0 awards). I don't agree with most of the jury's choices, but I think Tessie Tomas really deserves her Best Supporting Actress award. Buti na lang din maraming awards ang Dinig Sana Kita. Ehehe.

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

Lucky you to have all 4 days to watch entries to the Cinemalaya festival. Hope some of them will make it to Netflix.

I'm really impressed at this renaissance in Philippine movie-making, kahit low-budget but it shows how much talent there is back home.

ShatterShards said...

I saw Engkwentro on the first weekend, and Panggagahasa kay Fe on the second weekend. Both films were good, and with endings that are meant to be talked about long after the movie has ended. I like Rapture better, no contest, but Engkwentro's 1-take shot of the entire film (or at least, it was edited that way) was a novel, although dizzying, idea.

I was also lucky enough to acquire the last available tickets for Jay, last year's winner, and I liked the movie immensely.

gillboard said...

Was supposed to go there last Friday... kaya lang tinamad ako, nagbackout kasama ko.. will see if some of the films will come out on dvd.. dun na lang ako manood.

Raft3r said...

di ako maka-relate
pero elibs ako sayo at ke andy for having this awesome passion about movies (lalo na pag indie)

Panaderos said...

I'm happy for you Pards. What you've done is something that I've always longed to do: attend a film festival.

Cinemalaya wasn't around yet when I was there. Too bad for me. I'm glad that you're enjoying and savoring what this event has to offer.