Friday, February 6, 2009

The Day The Earth Stood Still

It was a busy afternoon at the office.

I was venting the slowness of my virtual machine, which was hanging every other minute, on my mouse banging it repeatedly on the table.

To make matters worse, I could not make a macro-enabled Excel 2003 spreadsheet work in Office 2007 which I was debugging all week. Sucks right?

Then my phone beeped. A message from a friend.

"Honestly I like you."

I almost fell off my chair. Those 4 words sucked the breath out of me.

Then the Earth stood still...


Panaderos said...

Congratulations! Those are some of the moments we truly live for. :)

Skron said...

That's cool. I'm waiting for my phone to beep anytime soon too. But, I'll probably deny her -whoever she is- my love. Unless she's a hot gamer chic like Jo Garcia

Andy Briones said...

Lucky you! Have you been dating? Ehehehe.

gillboard said...

uyy, love life!!! lolz

len said...

What did you reply then? :p
Chismosa! hahaha

The Scud said...

panaderos > one for the books. hehe.

skron > nyahaha. taas ng pangarap mo!

andy > i'm playing the field. ay hindi pala. baka mabasa nya to. haha...

gillboard > panahon na!

len > ano sa tingin mo?

Raft3r said...

tamang tama
at swak na swak sa valentines season

masarap yata ma-in love

SONIA said...

Biotch! That's great! three cheers for you, C!

The Scud said...

doc sonia > salamat! hehe. why have you not been answering my messages? :-(