Friday, December 19, 2008


I got robbed.

Yesterday my and a cousin's check-in baggages weighed 68 kgs, 38 more than the allowed weight for two passengers. The lady in a yellow shirt behind the counter told me then excess would cost me P3800.

My heart missed a beat.

I asked again to make sure if I heard her right the first time. I did.

I was dumbfounded. Shocked. I wanted to rant but I kept my cool. I was the epitome of coolness.

I wondered why there was no official statement or email that the airline was now charging 100 bucks per excess kilo since September. The amount is atrocious. Another airline is only offering less than half their price. Dammit!

Now I know why this airline are selling cheap plane seats.


Maldito said...

ano bang airlines yan?demanda natin...niyayayaya..

cebu pacific ba yan? dati siningil din ako ng extra e..putah.

Raft3r said...


first rule of traveling: pack lightly

Andy Briones said...

Is this Cebu Pacific? Hehe.

SONIA said...

I've had lots of experience with overloading, but i've never had it reach up to that amount. whoa, that sounds like a real rip-off. tsk tsk.

the donG said...

we wish we know what airline charges P100/kilo.

The Scud said...

maldito > i call it the yellow airline. patri website nila yellow. nyahaha...

raft3r > basta yellow airline. hehe... i can't travel lightly if I fly home. i bring home my books,cds, and pasalubongs.

andy > see above! :-)

sonia > rip-off talaga. i learned my lesson. magpa door-to-door delivery na lanf ako next time.

dong > see above din. bad trip. haaay.

The Gasoline Dude said...

Yellow? Eh di Cebu Pacific nga! *LOLz*

Na-excess baggage din ako dati when I went here to Singapore. PAL ako nun pero ang binayaran ko lang is around P1K. Hindi ko lang matandaan kung ilang kilos ang excess ko. = D

Saan ka ba papunta at kailangan mong mag-eroplano?

The Scud said...

gasoline dude > sa province for the holidays. mura nga lang ang PAL. :-(

Panaderos said...

So what they take away from the fares they decide to take back through penalties or fees on excess baggage. Such lack of transparency or openness about their policies and fees unfortunately seems to be the way that a lot of Philippine businesses are run.

I'm glad that you were able to keep your cool. I would have raised a stink over it.

Abaniko said...

I knew the new limit's only 15 kgs but I didn't know an extra kilo would cost a hundred bucks. I heard some even paid as much as P14,000 for excess baggage. Dang! Imagine if you had the mistake of buying a heavy appliance as pasalubong? Patay na!