Thursday, November 6, 2008

Scud's Random Thoughts: Part I

America voted its first black president, Barrack Obama, in yesterday's elections. I have been enthralled by this year's presidential campaign starting from the Obama-Clinton race for the Democratic nomination. That was historical - a woman and a black man battling it out. Then Obama won. I wasn't completely sold on him (although he is much, much better than the other alternative) until I saw his speech on CNN a day (or hours?) after her grandmother died. It was an emotional and terrific speech. I hope he delivers what he promised in his campaign - CHANGE.
Every morning when I tune it to CNN while eating breakfast, I often wonder why we don't do campaign/elections that they do. The focus is always on the issues and not so much in personality. Dito sa Pinas we focus too much on personality and charisma and not so much on issues.
Will I get to see that happen in this country in my lifetime? I doubt it.


The Philippine Daily Inquirer Opinion section talked about Obama's win here, here, and here.


Michael Crichton lost his battle with cancer and died on November 4. He was 66. I have read and own most of his books including Timeline, Disclosure, State of Fear, and Prey. In my opinion, Jurassic Park and Lost World are one of the best science-fiction thrillers out there. Crichton was also the creator of the long-running hospital drama ER which is currently airing its last season in the US. RIP!


I watched the Quantum of Solace last night at G4. Although not as great as Casino Royale, this latest Bond movie is far better than Pierce Brosnan's Bond movies. What I like about Craig's Bond is that it doesn't rely too much on high-tech gadgets to impress viewers. Guns and hand-to-hand combat is fine with me. And his Bond movies are gritty too. Too bad the themesong sung by Alicia Keys is forgettable. Watch out for the fight scene reminiscent of the famous bathroom scene in The Bourne Ultimatum.


I finally finished reading Joe Hill's Heart-Shaped Box about an aging rockstar who buys a suit haunted by its owner online. It is a good read and Hill injects suspense, horror, and surprising tenderness in his debut novel.
I am now currently reading Sebastian Junger's A Death in Belmont which I bought at Booksale for 30 bucks.




I cant wait for 2012. Im sure the Republican's slogan will be
"I Told You So".

I have followed this election... everyday/night for the last 6 months our TV was set to Foxnews. It is unfortunate that the Americans are punishing McCAin/Palin for what their party has done...

So it was an election of "somebody who couldnt win but in a party that couldnt lose" and "somebody who could never lose but in a party that couldnt win". Sigh...

TheScud said...

i hear people talking of a possible 2012 catfight - Clinton vs Palin. :-)

Andy Briones said...

Clinton vs. Palin? Ohmylord. That will be a hoot! lol, lol, lol! :D