Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cinemalaya 2008 at the CCP

No movie watched on my first of three scheduled visits to this year's event which wasn't really the plan. The plan, if it had pushed through, was to watch a movie or two but since a friend who I managed to convince to tag along with me had a previous commitment so I had to settle on buying tickets for tomorrow and next Saturday's screenings. That's one of the great things about this event, you can buy tickets days before the actual screening. Students only have to pay 50 bucks and for people like me, we have to shell out 50 pesos more. They even have a day pass for 300 pesos and 900 pesos for the festival. The tickets are way cheaper when you buy directly at the CCP Box Office than purchasing it online which charges an additional 83 pesos service fee per ticket. Para na rin akong nanood ng sine sa Greenbelt kung ganun.

While waiting for manong to print the tickets I purchased (their computer system was excruciatingly slow), I was able to chat with a woman who turned out to be the aunt of the director of God Only Knows, a short feature in competition for this year. Now, that's rubbing elbows with relatives of actual filmmakers. Haha.

I did get to see Laurice Guillen's back (my friend pointed her to me) and her daughter who I think was the one who starred in last year's terrific Endo. I was able to buy tickets for Boses, My Fake American Accent, Huling Pasada, and Imoral. The first three are official entries and the last one is the world premiere of Adolfo Alix Jr.'s new movie. I have not seen any of his movies ever since he delved into directing after penning the under-appreciated Kahapon, May Dalawang Bata. Heck, I don't even know the movie's storyline.

Namets! was also in my list of movies to watch but the tickets were sold out. The surprising thing is that the film schedule I wanted to buy was for next week's screening! I'm guessing the festival already has a hit in their hands in Emilio "Jay" Abello's entry about the flirtation between Jacko (Christian Vazquez) and Cassie (Angel Jacob), two Negrenses who grew up in Bacolod, and whose lives revolve around food.

After I finally got the tickets I purchased and since we still had time to kill before my friend was off to God knows where , we wandered to the exhibit of all the films in competition this year.

On my way home, I dozed off while taking the LRT train and missed my Carriedo station stop. Okay. Change that. I didn't actually miss my stop. I was half-awake when the train stopped at Carriedo. Thinking the train was going to the EDSA station, where I was going to take the MRT, instead of the opposite direction I went back to dozing off. Alas, I was fully awoken when the loudspeaker blared "Tayuman Station! Tayuman Station!". Lintek na! Sa ibang direksyon papunta ang tren! I disembarked at the Blumentritt station, where the photo below was taken, and took the train back to EDSA. I didn't doze off again.


queen latifah said...

these look great...since i wont ever get to watch them, i'd like more reviews por favor.

TheScud said...

you can check out reviews of some of the films in my other blog.